Allen-Bradley 2708

Allen-Bradley 2708
Allen-Bradley 2708





Allen Bradley Attended Workstation Model 2708 data terminal is a heavy duty unit built for industrial use.

The sealed, full ABC keypad and full numeric keypad have membrane keys for harsh environments.

Ten programmable function keys make the 2708 easy to customize for any application and the back lit display makes it easy to read.

It was designed to reliably perform large data collection and control jobs easier and faster.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
2708-DH5A4L $1,195.00 1 Used 485 NET
2708-DH5B2L $1,195.00 3 Used 485 NET
2708-DH5B4 $1,195.00 1 Used 485 NET
2708-DH5B4L $1,195.00 4 Used 485 NET
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