Allen-Bradley 2755-SN8

Allen-Bradley 2755-SN8
Allen-Bradley 2755-SN8 AdaptaScan®







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The Allen-Bradley 2755-SN8 (800 scans/sec) AdaptaScan barcode scanner/reader provides superior scanning performance with 800 scans/second and a 18 to 30 degree scan angle.

The scanner is packaged in a compact, rugged, cast-aluminum enclosure that is NEMA 4 rated.

The 2755-SN8 detachable wiring base provides water tight strain relief for cable entry, and terminal blocks for all electrical connections. 2755-NB40 enclosures are available for these units.

Important ordering note: The 2755-SN8 Series "A" (Ser A) and the 2755-SN8 Series "B" (Ser B) have incompatible circular programming connectors (shown on the top right rear of the scanner). The series A programming cable will not fit a series B scanner, and the series B programming cable will not fit a series A scanner.Please be sure to order the proper series that your programming cable requires.

See also: Accu-Sort 2755-SN8

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