Wasp WLS-9500

Wasp WLS-9500
Wasp WLS-9500





The Wasp WLS9500 laser barcode scanner makes it easy to add data to spreadsheets, word processing documents or databases. It features a laser scan engine,with a scan distance of up to 29". Just connect to your PC (PS/2 or USB), and you’re ready to begin scanning barcodes. Easily read all common one-dimensional (1D) barcodes, including damaged symbols or stacked RSS barcodes.

The WLS9500 offers high motion tolerance and a rastering scan pattern, making the scanner easy to use, even for beginners. Fast scan rate and aggressive decoding capabilities ensure that employees are able to scan items quickly, and spend less time keying in data.

Designed to deliver superior performance in demanding environments, the WLS9500 is ideal for office, healthcare, and warehouse use. The WLS9500 is built to last, featuring durable construction and the ability to withstand multiple 6’ drops to concrete.

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