Wasp QS-6000

Wasp QS-6000
Wasp QS-6000 QuickScan®







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The Quickscan 6000 Plus handheld scanner offers great performance at a very affordable price. With a high first pass read rate and the best speed-to-read of any scanner in its class, the QS6000 Plus speeds retail checkout. And its 13" (33 cm) depth of field with 100% UPC labels extends the users working range.

With a high visibility option, utilizing a 650 mm laser diode, the user can target and read bar codes even in bright light conditions due to the scanners inherent tolerance of high ambient light conditions. Plus, PSC's advanced electronics perform well even when reading low contrast labels with poor edge definition.

The QS6000 Plus also features a strong, plastic enclosure that guards against liquid and dust infiltration. A tough, rubber-like shield cushions the scanner when dropped, protects the scan window from being scratched and prevents the scanner from slipping off counter surfaces.

The coiled cable, with strain relief and end cap, is made from rugged, tear-resistant polyurethane and retains its' memory after repeated flexing and stretching.

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