Wasp WCS3900

Wasp WCS3900
Wasp WCS3900





The Wasp WCS 3900 series CCD scanners are are simple and easy to use. To activate the scanner, simply point the scanning aperture towards the barcode, pull the trigger, and aim the red LED beam across the barcode. This scanner will work at a range of contact up to 1.5" away from the barcode.

Manufactured from light weight ABS plastic for durability, the WCS 3900 series CCD scanners ergonomic design provide for comfort and ease of use.

For fast connection, the WCS 3900 simply plugs between your keyboard and PC, or if you prefer USB, the WCS 3905 is the scanner for you. Both scanners send data to your active application as if you typed it from your keyboard. Designed for retail, point of sale, or any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important.

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