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The Videx OmniWand is a powerful and diverse portable data collector. It's unique design and fully integrated modules allow you to create the data collector you need. OmniWand is the answer, whether a laser bar code reader, a contact bar code reader, a Touch Memory button reader, or a portable computer with an RS-232 serial port.

This unit, with DOS 5.0 installed, has internal memory of 1 megabyte RAM and 256K flash ROM. It supports Type I and Type II PC memory cards for unlimited data storage. It comes standard with an 8-line x 21-character (64 x 128 pixel) super-twist graphics display and a 40-button alphanumeric keypad. A real-time internal clock records the time and date for each transaction.

Housed in a cast metal case, the Videx OmniWand is built to perform in the harshest environments.

The laser module consists of a visible light laser cushioned inside a metal casing. The trigger-activated laser reads and decodes all of the popular bar code symbologies. It has an optimum reading range of 3 to 12-inch from the barcode,with a maximum reading range of 20-inch.

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OmniWand $895.00 31 Used Integrated Laser Scanner

OmniWand $1,295.00 New (Old Stock) Integrated Laser Scanner Rapid Charger, Power supply
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