Videx DuraWand Scanner

Videx DuraWand Scanner
Videx DuraWand Scanner




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The Videx DuraWand is a rugged bar code reader designed to survive the harshest environments. The Dura Wands rugged cast metal case makes it one of the most durable around - it can even survive repetitive drops onto a concrete floor all while protecting the optics and electronics from damage.

In addition to the cast metal case, it features a protective sapphire scan tip, replaceable nickel-cadmium AAA batteries, and a key ring which allows you to attach the unit to a retractable key ring or lanyard for ease of use and secure transportation. Standard single-cell AAA batteries may also be used.

DuraWand has standard, near-visible optics allow you to scan a variety of bar codes.The Dura Wand sapphire scan tip seals and protects the optics from dirt and moisture while allowing you to scan in almost any lighting condition - from near total darkness to bright sunlight.

Software compatibility between the Videx DuraWand and the Videx TimeWand I allow these products to be used interchangeably in an application.

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DURAWAND-SCANNER $698.00 $595.00 46 Used
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DURAWAND-SCANNER/016EXV $698.00 $595.00 Used 16K, 700nm Near-Visible Optics
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