Telxon PTC-1140

Telxon PTC-1140
Telxon PTC-1140





The Telxon PTC1140 Pen Terminal allows you to efficiently gather and communicate information with a comfortably balanced, lightweight design. The PTC 1140 is perfect in high-performance information-intensive data collection and retrieval, where satisfying the unique demands of mobile applications, for flexibility, durability and ease of use, are a must.

Telxon original PTC pen systems, the compact PTC-1140 are being used in hospitals and financial services firms. The PTC1140 uses the Chips and Technologies F8680A processor running at 12MHz, The significantly greater performance of the Intel-based versions comes at a slightly higher price, and battery life is about 20% less due to the higher power consumption of the faster Intel chip. The Intel versions are geared towards customers who need to run Windows applications, a good move now that PenRight for Windows is available.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Sold separately
PTC11400.BNI.NNENNOOXF $695.00 2 Used Battery
PTC1140270825 $695.00 4 Used Battery
PTC1140291520 $695.00 3 Used Battery

PTC114002401658 $695.00 Used Battery
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