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Symbol MC9063
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The MC9063 delivers an unsurpassed choice of scanning and imaging technologies. Choose from an integrated high-performance laser bar code scan engine or a feature-rich, powerful imager, depending on application requirements. This unit features an innovative mechanical design that withstands multiple 6-foot drops to concrete. Its IP64 sealing rating makes it virtually impervious to dust and moisture in environments where intensive bar code scanning takes place. Multi-mode wireless communication offers real-time access to data anytime, anywhere.

The MC9063 provides the power to run nearly any application, including voice and multimedia designed to handle all-day every day use in nearly any environment, the MC9063 enables route salespeople, field repair personnel, and workers in the warehouse or on the retail floor to access, as well as capture and send, crucial business information in real time.This unit delivering outstanding investment protection and a low total cost of ownership through superior design, construction, manageability and support services

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
MC9063-SHEH9AEA4WW $895.00 5 Used
MC9063-SHEH9AEA7WW $3,813.00(est) $895.00 36 Used CDMA Sprint, S24, 1D Scanner, Color, 128MB, 28-Key Keypad, PPC and Bluetooth
MC9063-SKEHBAEA4WW $895.00 1 Used 02.11b Embedded T3, CDMA, Short Keybased, Pico Imager, CDMA: Sprint, 3.8 Inch Color Display, 64MB/64MB, 28 Key Numeric, Windows Mobile 2003, Audio and Worldwide
MC9063-SKFH9AEA7WW $895.00 3 Used 802.11b Embedded T3, CDMA, Short Keybased, Imager, Color, 128MB, 28-Key Keypad, PC, Audio/Bluetooth and Verizon
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