Symbol LS-4804

Symbol LS-4804
Symbol LS-4804




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With the new LS 4804, Symbol Technologies took the most advanced, high-speed 2-D laser technology that costs a little more than than a typical 1-D scanner.

With Symbol's exclusive "Aim Spot" and "Smart Raster" capabilities, the LS4804 ensures your scanning challenges aren't very challenging at all: symbols are easily located even in bright sunlight, symbol heights are dynamically matched to the scan pattern, and-at 560 scans per second-quickly decoded.

The LS 4084 combines easy-of-use and "aim-and-shoot" operation for fast, unmatched scanning performance both on PDF417 and 1-D bar code symbologies.

The ergonomic design of the LS 4804 feature an integrated decoder and optional integrated battery pack for portable scanning applications. What's more, the LS4804 scanner costs little more than a typical high-performance 1-D laser scanner.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Branded
LS4804I000A $1,695.00 $595.00 76 Used 2D(PDF417)
LS4804I000A $1,695.00 $795.00 2 New (Old Stock) 2D(PDF417)
LS4804I100A $1,695.00 $595.00 1 Used 2D(PDF417)
LS4804I300A $1,695.00 $595.00 41 Used 2D(PDF417)
LS4804I400A $1,695.00 $595.00 5 Used 2D(PDF417)
LS4804I423A $1,695.00 $795.00 1 New (Old Stock) 2D(PDF417) ESP
LS4804VHDI000A $1,695.00 $595.00 2 Used High Density, 2D(PDF417)
LS4804VHDI000B $1,695.00 $595.00 1 Used High Density, 2D(PDF417)
LS4804VHDI300A $1,695.00 $595.00 2 Used High Density, 2D(PDF417)
LS4804VHDI400A $1,695.00 $595.00 1 Used High Density, 2D(PDF417)
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