Symbol LS-3280

Symbol LS-3280
Symbol LS-3280

The Symbol LS-3280 hand-held, keyboard-wedge, decoded barcode scanner was developed for rugged industrial applications.

The scanner builds on the proven design of the Symbol LS3280 Scanner Series, recognized for fast and accurate bar-code reading and reliability.

In warehousing, transportation and other industrial applications, when a scanner has to be rugged yet versatile the scanner to choose is the Symbol LS3280.

Symbol offers various models of the the LS3200 series to meet your application needs. Included in the series are: LS-3200, LS-3200ER, LS-3203ER, LS-3220 and LS-3280.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description

LS-3280-I200A $1,295.00 $395.00 Used

LS-3280-I233A $1,295.00 $395.00 Used Decoded, Keyboard-Wedge
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