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Symbol LS-9100
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Symbol Technologies' LS 9100 Omni-Directional Scanner is your key to improved productivity at the point of sale. It is a versatile scanner that can read all bar codes, even those that are poorly printed or damaged.

They take up very little valuable counter space thanks to its small footprint, and operators find it a dream to work with since it's so easy to use. It's flexibility and reliability make it a smart investment that can meet your current and future POS scanning requirements.

LS9100: Fast, Friendly, Flexible A Hands-Down Winner. Hands-free operation combined with a large scan pattern make it extremely user-friendly. A quick pass and this omni-directional scanner reads bar codes on the first try even truncated or poorly printed symbols.

The LS 9100 provides variable mounting options for unmatched POS adaptability. This means you can easily customize the scanner to meet your stores specific configuration requirements. Plus, it quickly converts to a hand-held scanner for those bulky items that are hard to bring to a fixed scanner. Users find it comfortable, easy to use and highly accurate all of which add up to speedy checkouts and increased customer satisfaction.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Comes with Sold separately Color
LS9100319BC $850.00 $295.00 1 Used Stand Cables Beige
LS9100324BA $850.00 $295.00 2 Used Stand Cables Beige
LS9100332BC $850.00 $295.00 1 Used Stand Cables Beige
LS9100400B $850.00 $295.00 4 Used Cables
LS9100500BA $850.00 $295.00 3 Used Stand Cables Beige

LS9100000BA $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Pearl White

LS9100000BC $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Beige

LS9100106BA $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100200BA $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100200BC $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100313BC $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Beige

LS9100400AA $850.00 $395.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100400BA $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100400BB $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Gray

LS9100400BC $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Beige

LS9100506BA $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Light Grey

LS9100519BC $850.00 $295.00 Used Stand Cables Beige

LS9100525CC $850.00 $295.00 Used

LS9100532BC $850.00 $295.00 Used

LS9100555BE $850.00 $295.00 Used Cables Black

LS9100SE500CC $850.00 $295.00 Used Cables, Stand, Power Supply Beige
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