Spectra-Physics HS1250

Spectra-Physics HS1250
Spectra-Physics HS1250





Spectra-Physics HS1250 's aggressive scan pattern and advanced decoding software read all popular bar code symbologies quickly, accurately and comfortably. The HS1250 comes standard with UPC/EAN/JAN decoding and advanced Edge software for reading torn or disfigured labels.

A generous, forward-leaning scan volume aggressively reads bar codes with minimal orientation of items, providing excellent ergonomics.

At just 7.6"/19. 3 cm wide by 9.2"/23.4 cm long, the HS1250 is one of the smallest in-counter scanners you can buy. And because of its small size, the HS1250 requires minimal check stand modifications and is compatible with all adaptive shell scales. Plus, every HS1250 includes a flange that enables quick and easy installation into any check stand -no special brackets are required, which reduces your overall installation costs.

This unit is housed in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure. The scratch-proof inner glass window, volume switch, and external connectors are precision-sealed to protect the scan optics from dust and liquid spills. A Long Life Top (LLT) option keeps the scanner looking like new with stainless steel and a sapphire glass scan window.

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Spectra-Physics Scanning Systems, Inc.
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