Spectra-Physics VS1000

Spectra-Physics VS1000
Spectra-Physics VS1000





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The powerful Spectra-Physics VS-1000 vertical scanner is 35 to 45 percent smaller than competitive scanners, yet it offers better performance for a wide variety of barcode types.

The scan pattern was designed specifically for restricted work areas, and the dense scan pattern improves reading of highly truncated barcodes.

The VS1000 is the optimum choice for pharmacies and convenience stores - wherever space is at a premium.

The Spectra-Physics scanner also reads up to four of the most popular barcode symbologies at one time, including UPC/EAN/JAN, I2/5,Code 128 and Code 39. It features a symmetrical scan pattern for easy scanning right-to left or left-to-right, and an optional installation bracket allows for outstanding mounting flexibility.

See also: PSC VS1000

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23000001100000 $395.00 5 Used RS-232 Interface
23000001100094 $395.00 11 Used RS-232 Interface Cables, Power Supply
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