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With the Duet scanner retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale; small items, large bulky items, even items that aren't individually bar coded. Now retailers can provide quicker checkouts and enjoy the benefits of increased accuracy of the scan data. Most items are simply presented or swept in front of the scanner. With the Duet scanners unique single line capability the need to manually key items without bar codes, such as unpacked or specialty products, is eliminated. Simply direct the pointer beam that exits out the back of the scanner at a bar coded PLU list, target the correct item, press the trigger and the single line captures the data.

This single line capability eliminates misread problems often encountered with other scanners that only have an omnidirectional scan pattern. For large or bulky items you take the lightweight scanner to the bar code just as you would with a handheld scanner. It truly is two scanners in one!

Using an advanced visible laser diode scanning system, the Duet scanner offers a large 22,86 cm depth-of-field and wide scan area for higher performance hands-free scanning. With enhanced decoding capabilities the scanner is fast with high first-pass read rates on a variety of bar codes including labels that are long, highly truncated, partially obscured and difficult to read. It also includes the patented PSC EDGE software which automatically reconstructs torn or disfigured labels. And it reads labels with elements as small as 0,13 mm.

With two scan windows the scanner can easily adapt to either fixed or handheld scanning applications. When used as a countertop scanner, it is quick and easy to use. Hands-free omnidirectional scanning minimizes the operators need to adjust or orient individual items. When used as a handheld scanner, the operator simply picks up the scanner and aims at one single bar code.

See also: Datalogic Duet

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43100010100008003 $1,395.00 $395.00 1 Used serial, No Stand
43100011000001000 $1,395.00 $395.00 3 Used RS-232, No Stand
43100011100001002 $1,395.00 $395.00 2 Used RS-232, No Stand
43100011100001008 $1,395.00 $395.00 1 Used RS-232, No Stand
43100160000005021 $1,395.00 $395.00 4 Used RS-232, No Stand
43100260000005021 $1,395.00 $395.00 3 Used No Stand
43100331100023008 $1,395.00 $395.00 7 Used No Stand
43100331100024008 $1,395.00 $395.00 1 Used No Stand
43200011000001003 $1,395.00 $495.00 1 New (Old Stock) OCIA Interface, No Stand
43300011100001004 $1,395.00 $395.00 5 Used Keyboard-Wedge, No Stand
43521291000008000 $1,395.00 $395.00 2 Used No Stand

43100011100001001 $1,395.00 $395.00 Used RS-232

43300011100001003 $1,395.00 $495.00 Used No Stand PC Keyboard-Wedge Cable, Stand
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