Proxim 4402

Proxim 4402
Proxim 4402 Symphony™








With the Proxim Symphony 4402, you and your family can stop fighting and start enjoying fast shared Internet connections, saving money by sharing printers, and having fun playing networked computer games - without wires ?

Using only one phone line and one ISP account, the Symphony 4402 lets you explore different Internet sites from multiple computers at the same time. Access printers, drives, folders, and files from any computer on your cordless network. Share your existing modem or use the Symphony Cordless Modem for the ultimate cordless Internet access. With the Symphony 4402 for your desktop computers, you can enjoy the benefits of networking without the hassles of installing tricky wires and cabling.

The symphony 4402 works without wires, so your desktops can be placed where it's convenient for you, not where your phone jacks are located. Fast 1.6 Mbps speeds and 150 foot range through walls and floors covers most homes. 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum technology.

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