Opticon LPN-5627

Opticon LPN-5627
Opticon LPN-5627







The Opticon LPN5627 Fixed Position Scanner is a miniature, 500 scan per second, laser bar code readers designed to be easily incorporated into host equipment. The high scan speed and small physical size make the scanner easy to integrate into any hardware design. Durability and reliability are assured. The scanners are encased in compact, rugged metal enclosures. The compact size permits installation in the tightest areas allowing great flexibility in mounting and positioning the scanner for optimum performance.

Advanced microprocessor technology coupled with Opticon’s proven decoding algorithms result in high speed operation with superior accuracy. The scanner is fully programmable allowing the user to customize parameters including changing communication settings, selecting symbologies, adding prefixes and appending suffixes. Programmable settings can be downloaded from the host CPU or computer directly to the scanner.

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LPN5627RR1S-048 $1,095.00 $595.00 4 Used Laser 500 sps front view; 9pin mini-DIN
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