NCR 7882

NCR 7882
NCR 7882





NCR 7882 convertible scanner provides many features in a POS scanner. The 7882 offers best-in-class performance for single-window scanners with more flexibility and features than competitive scanners.The 7882 also has the ability to obtain power from the terminal, this feature reduces the need for more cables.

Connectivity for a keyboard wedge and a handheld scanner are also standard.

The NCR 7882 can be tuned by you for horizontal or vertical scanning.This flexibility protects your scanning investment. As your scanning needs change, the NCR 7882 can be implemented in other departments in the store by simply turning a button. This unique capability is made possible by the patented OPTIMIZER that adjusts the scan pattern for the best readability,based on your installation preference. Best of all, this adaptability is available by purchasing one scanner.

All other single-window scanner manufacturers must offer two distinctly different models for horizontal or vertical scanning.

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