Metrologic MS951

Metrologic MS951
Metrologic MS951




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The Metrologic MS951 hand-held laser scanner provides unsurpassed versatility and adaptability. Metrologic engineered the scanner with desirable features including: the increased depth of field, accuracy, and high performance of a laser with the durable construction and low cost of a scanner. Worker efficiency and productivity is increased with this feature by allowing faster throughput. This added operator feature increases comfort and reduces repetitive strain injury.

The MS-951 also has a unique patented infrared sensor and control scheme that provides fully automatic activation and operation for complete hands-free scanning.

The MS951 can be used either as a hand-held scanner or fixed scanner because of its unique design. An operator can simply"wave" the scanner in a natural position across a barcode and the MS 951 will scan automatically.

The versatile MS 951 can operate as a "hands-free" scanner when placed in its flexible, fixed stand. An operator can present barcoded items to the MS 951 for automatic scanning. The MS951 Special patents also be programmed programmed for short-range and long-range laser activation in either the hand-held or hands-free mode.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Comes with
MK951-743 $550.00 $225.00 2 New (Old Stock) Kit w/stand & Keyboard-Wedge cable Stand
MS951232 $550.00 $195.00 38 Used 0
MS951468X $550.00 $195.00 10 Used 0
MS951G232 $550.00 $225.00 1 Used 0 Stand
MS951G468X $550.00 $225.00 1 New (Old Stock) Decoded 468X Stand
MS951G468X $550.00 $195.00 1 Used Decoded 468X
MS951KBW $550.00 $295.00 5 New (Old Stock) Keyboard-Wedge Stand
MS951L232 $550.00 $290.00 1 New (Old Stock) Decoded RS-232, RJ45 Cable Stand
MS951LKBW $550.00 $225.00 1 New (Old Stock) Keyboard-Wedge Stand

MK951-232 $550.00 $250.00 New (Old Stock) Kit w/stand & rRS232 cable

MS95115 $550.00 $290.00 New (Old Stock) Decoded RS-232

MS951232 $550.00 $290.00 New (Old Stock) Decoded RS-232

MS951H232 $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded RS-232, RJ45 Cable

MS951J232 $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded RS-232, RJ Cable

MS951J232 $550.00 $290.00 New (Old Stock) Decoded RS-232, RJ Cable

MS951JKBW $550.00 $195.00 Used Keyboard-Wedge

MS951K232 $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded RS-232, RJ45 Cable

MS951K468X $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded 468X

MS951KBW $550.00 $195.00 Used Keyboard-Wedge

MS951KKBW $550.00 $195.00 Used Keyboard-Wedge

MS951L232 $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded RS-232, RJ45 Cable

MS951L468X $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded 468X

MS951LKBW $550.00 $195.00 Used Keyboard-Wedge

MS951LTPN $550.00 $195.00 Used Decoded
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