Kronos Series 100

Kronos Series 100
Kronos Series 100 Timekeeper






Kronos' Timekeeper Series 100 terminal quickly and accurately records employee time and attendance data.

These terminals provide editing capabilities so supervisors can immediately correct entries or make edits right from the floor. The units operate either in on-line mode for immediate data transmission and host system processing, or in off-line mode which allows data collection and validation while the host system is unavailable.

The Timekeeper Series-100' s allows for your choice of entering a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad or swiping an identification badge. The Series 100 also provides the flexibility for employees to check their schedules or number of hours worked by pressing a key and swiping their badges through the reader.

To allow you to take advantage of your existing network infrastructure, they can transmit data over a variety of communication lines, including Ethernet, RS-232,RS-485, Modem, or Twinax.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description Branded
100MODEL140 $295.00 1 Used Model 140 8601001-001
100MODEL144 $295.00 2 Used Model 144 8601001-011 ADP
100MODEL154 $295.00 1 Used Model 154 8601002-011

100MODEL150 $295.00 Used Model 150 8601002-001

100MODEL150 $395.00 New (Old Stock) Model 150 8601002-001
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