Intermec 1555

Intermec 1555
Intermec 1555 Sabre™



Intermec's Sabre 1555 Laser Scanner and RFID Reader/Programmer combines two technologies into one. It reads bar codes as well as reads and programs radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.It incorporates a laser scan engine for reliable bar code scanning and an RFID interrogator for reading RFID tags up to 2 meters (six feet) away.

The interrogator can read single or multiple tags and program all INTELLITAG® RFID tags.

The Sabre 1555 is also the first hand-held reader to support ANS NCITS 256-1999, the only approved standard for RFID item management. The 1555 is lightweight (16 ounces) and ergonomically designed for easy, comfortable scanning over an entire shift, yet it's rugged enough to withstand the harshest working environments. Its 40-character display,audio feedback, and single mode key make operation easy and reduce training time.

The Sabre 1555's Lithium Ion battery option allows the 1555 to operate with a variety of portable data terminals (PDT) without consuming battery power from the PDT. Each battery pack has an integrated charger, eliminating the need for a separate charger.

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