Intermec 3100

Intermec 3100
Intermec 3100 MaxiSCAN™









The Intermec MaxiSCAN 3100 is a range of rugged, compact, fixed industrial bar code scanners that are easy to install and configure. The M3100 offers a choice of Intermec's linear image (CCD) or laser scanning technologies.

All scan engine options offer simple and reliable scanning in a tough, sealed case (IP65/NEMA 12). The compact size and mounting options make installation easy whether in a horizontal or vertical plane.

* M3100 SR (CCD linear image) scan engine for close reading applications (to 10 cm/4")
* M3100 ST (Laser) scan engine for applications requiring a longer depth of field (to 35 cm/14.")
* M3100 ML (Laser) multi-line scan engine for applications requiring a larger scanning area.

The SR engine features new patented technology that provides a fast scan rate of up to 800 scans per second to ensure instant reading.The ST and ML engines provide an extended depth of field and also a fast scan rate of 200 scans per second.

The serial interface provides compatibility with the MaxiSCAN 3300 fixed position scanners, MCS connection system and MaxiSCAN 3010 RS 485 network concentrator (for network or multi-head configurations).

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Comes with
3-510012-00 $695.00 $595.00 13 New (Old Stock) Scanner P/N 3-510032-00-109-01, DB15-F Connector Bracket, Manual, CD
3-516032-00-109-01/ST $695.00 $595.00 1 New (Old Stock) DB15-F Connector
3-516212-50 $695.00 $595.00 4 New (Old Stock) DB15-F Connector Bracket, Manual, CD

3-516032-00-109-01/ST $695.00 $495.00 Used DB15-F Connector

3-516212-50 $695.00 $495.00 Used DB15-F Connector
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