HHP TT8810

HHP TT8810
HHP TT8810


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Innovative and full featured the Hand Held Products TT8810 can process credit and debit payments, access smart cards, capture signatures, and present electronic forms advertising and other information to your customers The TT-8810 comes standard with features that cost extra with other terminals. It's sleek design offers 16 MB of Ram and a 3-track magnetic stripe/smart card reader.

A POS environment is tough on equipment and this unit is drop-tested to concrete and engineered to operate where other terminals cannot. The touch screen is protected by a patented, replaceable screen protection system that limits wear and blocks intrusion of water and dust.

Not just another gray box, the innovative design of the TT-8810 is ergonomic, durable, and friendly to use. The HHP True Finger Touch with enhanced signature capture is intuitive and inviting. Customers can easily select buttons, key in Pin's, and respond to prompts.

The TT8810 reads all three tracks from magnetic stripe cards and smart card chips in a single slot. The advanced insert card reader reduces training and confusion and speeds up transactions. PIN's are protected with Master Session or DUKPT encryption. The exclusive HHP security indicator tells the customer when it is safe to enter their PIN.

See also: VeriFone TT8810

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
TT8810-MEM-C $495.00 2 Used
TT8810B $495.00 3 Used
TT8810C $495.00 1 Used Color LCD P/N 60104-0004R
TT8810C $695.00 2 New (Old Stock) Color LCD P/N 60104-0004R
TT8810CE $495.00 31 Used Color LCD
TT8810CN $695.00 2 New (Old Stock)
TT8810D $695.00 1 New (Old Stock)
TT8810D $495.00 18 Used
TT8810E $695.00 1 New (Old Stock) Mono, #60104-004
TT8810M6 $495.00 51 Used Color LCD w/ Ethernet
TT8810M7 $495.00 66 Used Color LCD w/ Ethernet P/N 30104-0073A
TT8810ME $695.00 2 New (Old Stock)

TT8810ME $495.00 Used

TT8810MEC $695.00 New (Old Stock)

TT8810MN $695.00 New (Old Stock)
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