HHP TT1500

HHP TT1500
HHP TT1500


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The Transaction Team TT1500 is a back lit LCD signature capture terminal that is designed specifically for commercial and professional businesses. This Transaction Team product is the ideal solution for a variety of applications, including POS, insurance, banking, government, education, self-checkout stations and libraries.

The PW 1500 is the easy way to integrate electronic signatures enabling a paper-free environment. The TT 1500' s patented pressure-sensitive screen technology has been used successfully to electronically capture millions of signatures. Businesses gain the benefits of electronic receipts - no more storing or tracking paper, eliminating charge backs from lost receipts, reducing paper expense, and speeding up the payment processing cycle.

Continuing our commitment to offering affordable products requiring minimal maintenance, the PW1500 's passive pen technology means there are never any expensive electronic pens to replace.

Customers view their signatures as they sign the highly visible LCD window, mirroring the familiar pen and paper experience. Highly reliable signature rendering ensures quick and accurate capture every time. Electronic signatures can simultaneously be viewed on a monitor, allowing for visual comparison with original card signatures.

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PW-1500-60044-001 $445.00 15 Used Power supply
PW-1500-60044-001 $595.00 6 New (Old Stock) Power supply (1) W/A
PW-1500-PF16022-01 $445.00 4 Used Power supply @Pos
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