Fujitsu Slimscan-1200

Fujitsu Slimscan-1200
Fujitsu Slimscan-1200





The SlimScan 1200 features an optic arrangement that allows for projection of laser beams through two separate windows.

The laser beams projected through the lower window on the Slimscan 1200 and produce a multi-line / angle scan pattern that allows reading of barcode labels at various orientations; a single laser beam is projected through the upper window for contact style reading commonly associated with CCD type barcode reader products.

POS interface and label decode logic are resident on the main board which is mounted inside the Slimscan 1200 housing. Functional characteristics such as speaker volume control, scan data buffering, interface protocol characteristics, laser and motor time-out, and etc. are programmable by means of barcode labels with the Slimscan 1200.

There are two visible indicators (LEDs); one positioned on the front surface for visibility when the scanner is mounted in a fixed-position,and one on the top surface for viewing when operated as a handheld scanner.

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