Densei ES-5540

Densei ES-5540
Densei ES-5540





The compact, ergonomic design and light weight of the Densei ES5540 scanner make it easy to hold and use, even for small hands. The angled shape allows for wrist neutral scanning, reducing repetitive motion injuries. The large 3.3" scan width reads large barcodes.

The advanced electronic design is very power efficient allowing for use with marginal power supplies and for portable data collection applications.

The user can easily go from wand to RS-232 to AT wedge operation with the programming menu and simple tools. This allows the ES-5540 scanner to be used as your equipment needs change.

The scanner will read while still in motion relative to the bar code symbol. This allows the scanning function to become secondary to the actual work being performed.

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ES-5540 $125.00 3 Used Coiled Cable w/ DB9 Squeeze
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