Datalogic Minec 4X

Datalogic Minec 4X
Datalogic Minec 4X





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The Datalogic Minec 4X is an ergonomic, lightweight and rugged terminal offering a unique combination of flexibility, reliability and ease of use for professional data capture and communication. It has a standard Microsoft Windows CE Operating System that provides end users a familiar user interface, based on icons, drop-down menus and windows, and programmers a well-known environment for simpler application development and management.

Equipped with a large graphic display and a practical 27-key backlit alphanumeric keyboard, this terminal offers the user top performance to solve both simple and complex applications. Ergonomic, lightweight and rugged, the Minec 4X unit also takes advantage of all the benefits gained by the standard Windows CE architecture. In fact, the standard graphic interface of this operating system permits the terminal to be used in a very intuitive way.

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