Datalogic M101

Datalogic M101
Datalogic M101 Dragon







Datalogic's Dragon series hand-held laser scanners provide tough, durable performance in any industrial setting.The Dragon series scanners are available in both a corded (D101), and cordless (M101) models.

In applications where mobility is of value, the new Dragon M represents the key to increase productivity and flexibility in the working area. The Dragon Model M 101 communicates through a low power radio in the 433Mhz /910Mhz band and allows bidirectional communication between the base station and the host. The Model M-101 is ideal for use on loading docks, shipping and receiving, inventory control and work in progress.Any application where mobility and freedom from cable restriction is desired.

Both Dragon Models are able to work reliably and consistently in harsh operating environments. The ergonomic rubber-molded design features clearly audible dual beepers and bright 'good read' LEDs for areas where noise levels are normally high. The Dragon's optical parts are completely suspended on shock absorber to prevent misalignment even after repeated drops.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Comes with Sold separately
M101 $595.00 6 Used Cordless, High Performance, 910MHz, No Display, Long Range Scanner only Cradle

M101 $1,650.00 $695.00 New (Old Stock) Cordless, High Performance, 910MHz, Belt/Case, Desk/Wall Holder, No Display Scanner only Cradle

M101/D $625.00 Used Cordless, High Performance, 910MHz, With Display Scanner only Cradle
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