Datalogic 5300

Datalogic 5300
Datalogic 5300


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5300 laser scanners by PSC offer outstanding performance, durability, reliability and convenience for the retail or light industrial environment.

With excellent shock resistance, enhanced light immunity, and advanced ergonomics, PSC 5300 scanners provide highly-reliable and high performance scanning.

The 5300 is solid, compact, easy to use, and will provide consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

The 5300 boasts easy-to-read LED indicators to let the operator know when the unit is in scanning mode and has successfully read a barcode.

Features include: Enhanced depth of field - 0 to 40-inch (1 m); PSC5300 power conservation mode to extends your handheld's battery life; Built-in self diagnostics for extended field life with the PSC5300; Very aggressive scanning of difficult-to-read barcode; Holster and take-up-reel options for fork lift applications available with the PSC 5300; High visibility option for scanning in bright sunlight applications; and a Wide operating temperature range for freezer to high-temp usage.

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