Datalogic D130

Datalogic D130
Datalogic D130 Heron™


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Datalogic's Heron D130 scan gun is an entry-level presentation reader. Packed with many features the D-130 is ideal for instinctive reading distance applications (near contact to over 20 cm / 8 in) at the retail point of sale or office application.

The Heron reader provides high performance in an innovative, sleek design package.

Lightweight and ergonomically shaped for handheld use, the D-130 kit includes an auto-sensing stand. Simply remove and the unit from the stand the reader switches to handheld mode. Place back in the stand, and the reader beeps and automatically switches to Stand Mode (hands-free) for presentation reading.

This unit is perfect for use as both a handheld and a presentation style reader.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description Color
D130 $185.00 6 Used Stand and 5-PIN Round Cable
D130SH3338 $195.00 $165.00 6 Used
D130STD-SH3776 $195.00 $165.00 1 Used

D130-USB $195.00 $165.00 Used USB CABLE

D130901801000 $185.00 New (Old Stock) Kit Includes USB Cable, Stand and Manual Grey
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