Datalogic DL65

Datalogic DL65
Datalogic DL65





The DL65/80 series CCD Scanner combines the latest technology and optical components to provide an exceptionally high quality hand-held bar code reader.

The DL65/80 reliably scans both high and low density codes, even if they are of poor quality and applied to curved or uneven surfaces.

The automatic gain control employed within DL65/80 compensates for the varying print quality of codes. This allows reading of codes produced from carbon copy paper and codes with contrast levels as low as 0.20 PCS.

The DL65/80 includes a Wedge interface which may be connected to over 160 different types of PCs and Terminals. The wedge interface uses plug-in cables to match the computer.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description
DL6511 $99.00 1 Used DB25-M, JJ Wild

DL6500 $99.00 Used DB9
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