Datalogic Diamond D531

Datalogic Diamond D531
Datalogic Diamond D531







The Diamond omnidirectional presentation laser scanner is an excellent value for those seeking good performance in an economical design. It features high first pass read rates by combining excellent reading performance with advanced code reconstruction for reading damaged or poorly printed codes, resulting in higher productivity. Data editing and data formatting modes are available to format the collected data as required by the application software.

The Diamond reader's small footprint combined with an optional desktop swivel stand or wall mount allows for a variety of installation options when the product needs to fit in a small or limited space. A single line scan option combined with its ergonomic size allows it to be comfortably used as a handheld reader when needing to scan large or awkward items. When configured in Stand Mode, the Diamond reader minimizes power consumption when it is not active and features an automatic "wake-up" function when a code is detected.

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DIAMOND-D531RS232 $345.00 $295.00 4 Used RS232
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