Datalogic VS-800

Datalogic VS-800
Datalogic VS-800 VertiScan









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The PSC VS800 compact scanner was designed specifically for point of sale applications, where space is always at a premium and where scanner performance is a critical component of efficiency and success.

The VS-800 is the scanner to choose when you need reliable, full-functioned bar code scanning without sacrificing counter space. With optional mounts, operators of the it can position the scanner at various angles to create a work environment that is highly convenient, comfortable, and productive.

Using an advanced visible laser diode scanning system, the VS800 offers a large 8"/20 cm depth of field and wide scan area for high performance, hands-free scanning.

With PSC's patented Edge software and enhanced decoding capabilities,the VS-800 is fast and delivers very high first pass read rates on a variety of bar codes, including labels that are long, truncated, partially obscured or otherwise difficult to read. And it reads codes as small as 5-mil. All this means faster checkout for retail customers.

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