Computer Identics 1640

Computer Identics 1640
Computer Identics 1640

Combining patented signal processing technology, a large depth of field, and wide angle reading, you can depend on the Computer Identics 1640 hand-held barcode scanner for fast and accurate barcode reads.

It is adaptable for use in a wide variety of demanding data capture environments, and can support numerous interfaces with only a cable change. It supports all popular barcode symbologies and automatically discriminates between all major barcode symbologies.

The CI 1640 is lightweight, well-balanced and allows long-term use without fatigue and fits comfortably in any hand. A tough rubber bumper and rubber cable end-cap help ensure durability.

It has been proven reliable after multiple five-foot drops onto concrete. With only a cable change, one scanner can support a number of interfaces.

See also: PSC SP-400, Spectra-Physics SP400

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