Cisco 350 AIR-LMC352

Cisco 350 AIR-LMC352
Cisco 350 AIR-LMC352 Aironet








Cisco Wireless PCMCIA Network Card AIR-LMC352. This is one of many A50X based Wireless LAN cards (now discontinued) in both PCI, ISA and PCMCIA formats. This particular model is a variant on the AIR-PCM350 PCMCIA adapter, and usually comes pre-installed in a computer within an internal Type II or Type III PC card slot (the PCM350 fits into an external PC-Card slot). It is part of the 4800 series of models, and is a variant on the Prism I chipset. The models are named according to the WEP-capability level of the card: -LMC350 == no WEP capability (this model) -LMC351 == 40-bit WEP -LMC352 == 128-bit WEP

Cisco/Aironet also issued this specific adapter in the following two models: -AIR-LMC350-A-K9 -AIR-LMC350-40-A-K9 The presence of "K9" within the model name for the CB20A & MPI350 adapters indicates 128-bit WEP capability. Update Wizard v1.2 & later add WPA capability for all A50x adapters.

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AIR-LMC352 $145.00 24 Used No antenna, 2.4GHz DS,11 Mbps
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Other Access Points Cisco AP3500
Power Supplies Cisco AIR-PWRINJ2, Cisco AIR-PWRINJ3
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