Allen-Bradley 2755-HCG-4

Allen-Bradley 2755-HCG-4
Allen-Bradley 2755-HCG-4





The Allen-Bradley 2755-HCG4 scanner uses a 675 mm Visible Laser Diode that results in a brighter scan-beam line which eases the task of finding the proper barcode when non-contact scanning applications require manual scanning.

The HCG was designed for industrial environments and is ideal for reading bar code labels on uneven, textured, curved, and other exposed surfaces. The scanners can read bar code symbols at various distances depending upon the bar code width.

With it's advanced laser spot shaping techniques, the 2755-HCG-4 improves overall read rates. Intelligence inside the scanner's electronics automatically adjusts video return signal processing to achieve maximum read rates on a wide variety of symbol dimensions at varying read distances. These processing techniques also improve read rates on poorly printed surfaces.

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