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Accu-Sort Mini-X
Accu-Sort Mini-X







Accu-Sort's Mini-X Series Scanners deliver the ultimate in low cost, high performance omni-directional bar code scanning. The MiniX is designed to be compatible with various communications methods, including Ethernet, Profibus, and DeviceNet.

The Mini X performs equally well in conveyor applications or where packages are manually passed under the scanner.

In addition, Accu-Sort patented DRX® decoding technology uses partial scans to reconstruct bar codes with 100% accuracy. DRX® enables low-aspect-ratio bar codes to be decoded, and improves read rates on damaged and poorly printed codes.

Two styles of this unit are available. Style A has two slots on the bottom of the unit for scanning. Style B has a large opening on the bottom for scanning. Be sure to specify which Style scanner you need. Series II units are only available in Style A.

Buy Part# MSRP Price QOH Condition Description
MiniX Series II $3,000.00 $1,895.00 20 Used DRX
MiniX-Style A $3,000.00(est) $1,895.00 1 Used DRX
MiniX-Style B $3,000.00(est) $1,895.00 27 Used DRX
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