Videx PulseStar Button Reader

Videx PulseStar Button Reader
Videx PulseStar Button Reader







The PulseStar is Videx’s most weather-resistant portable iButton reader and is designed for maximum durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. The PulseStar indicates a successful read with a pulsing vibration, instead of a beep. The vibrating pulse makes the PulseStar ideal for use in environments where sound cannot or should not be heard, such as a loud factory floor or a quiet museum. Additionally, because there is no speaker hole, the PulseStar’s cylindrical metal case is completely sealed to protect against dirt and moisture.

The PulseStar has 48K of memory, enabling storage of up to 5,400 iButton reads before downloading. When the PulseStar touches a button, the unique ID of the iButton is stored in the reader’s memory with the date and time.

The PulseStar can be used for a wide variety of applications such as security and maintenance checks, transportation, production, and inventory. The PulseStar is also ideal for iClock™ - type applications where the iButtons are on key fobs and used for time tracking and payroll.

Buy Part# Price QOH Condition Description Sold separately Notes
PS-048 $275.00 4 Used 48K Batteries-3-volt lithium, 2/3 “A” size (Eveready Energizer EL123AP or equivalent) Requires: 3-volt lithium, 2/3 “A” size (Eveready Energizer EL123AP or equivalent)
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