Datalogic QS-200

Datalogic QS-200
Datalogic QS-200 QuickScan®









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The PSC Quickscan 200 CCD scanner is a low cost and reliable way to improve your existing scanning process.It was engineered to provide all the benefits of bar code scanning to retail, light industrial and office users at an affordable price. The PSC Quickscan 200 is solid, easy to use, and will provide consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

The PSC QS200 is a high-quality CCD scanner that leaves the competition far behind. It is a scanner that can withstand multiple one meter drops to concrete and keep right on scanning. The ergonomic design of the QS 200 is as comfortable and attractive as it is strong. Operators will love the QS200 for its simple operation and overall reliability.

Able to read all the major retail and industrial bar code symbologies and auto discriminate any four at a time, the QS 200 CCD provides a flexible scanning solution. As a check out scanner tethered to data terminals or for office/service applications, you'll appreciate the QS200 for its flexibility. The QS200 CCD offers the options of Keyboard Wedge, Wand Emulation, RS-232 and OCIA interfaces along with many available dual interface combinations. And the LED indicator lets you know that you've registered a good read every time.

The QS 200 CCD scanner was designed to bring high performance bar code scanning to lower volume applications. Significant productivity and efficiency gains that result when you optimize a scanning program, and the QS200 is a great way to start. Get performance, quality and reliability. And get QS200 at a price that you never thought possible.

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